About the Hull Networking Group

Who are we?
We are a group of local business people whose members work together as a marketing co-operative – This means that we actively help each other with new leads, opportunities, business support and mentoring. The group exists  solely for the benefit of it’s members and local good causes, we are not managed by any outside agency, nor do we have any affiliation with any other group or networking organisation.  We are autonomous and self regulating.

The group operates on a  not for profit basis –  surplus finance generated by the group is donated to charity. Nobody receives any payment for running the group.

What do we do?

  • We meet regularly on Thursday mornings at 7am.
  • Our structured meeting format allows us to pass business leads, give testimonials and generally support each others business interests.
  • From January 2017 Meeting fees are £13 per meeting – there are no other membership dues. This fee includes a charge of £10 for breakfast, the balance covers group administration -All  surplus funds are donated to local charity

Co-operation – Not Competition:
In order to protect members interests within the marketing group, membership is strictly limited to ‘one trade category per member’ this means that at any one time there will only be one florist, one plumber, one carpet fitter etc.

  • Membership applications are discussed and decided upon  by the membership coordinator and the steering committee as required. in the event that an application may overlap or be in competition with an existing members status – the existing member will have the right to veto the application.
  • Members who have category objections or issues with existing members should bring them to the attention of the committee prior to the end of month meeting.
  • A member must only represent their own  trade or category ie the category applied for and subsequently displayed on the BCC website

How are we organised?

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chair [who shares the chair-persons role with equal responsibility]
  • Secretary
  • Membership Coordinator

Members Obligations:
In return for having the opportunity to network in a non-competitive environment, members are asked to take their membership seriously.

  • Attendance at the group should be as regular as possible, for that reason the steering committee have agreed that any member who regularly misses more than 2 consecutive meetings may be liable to lose their place in the group and their category will be made available.
  • All members are expected to complete our online networking education program during their first 2 months of membership.
  • Members agree to pay the meeting fee for each meeting and it is assumed that all meetings will be attended.
  • Members are normally expected to pay for any meetings missed without prior notification or good reason.
  • Members agree to uphold the highest standards of business practice when dealing with other members and referrals and leads given to them – The group needs to create and maintain a good name for itself.