The majority of our members have a great attendance record at the group’s meetings – especially since our move to the Village Hotel at the start of the year. Sometimes, however, it’s just not possible to make the meeting on a particular date and that’s where sending in a sub can be useful – whether they are a member of your team or a friend or colleague, they are there to make sure your business is represented in your absence.

Here are a few words from Liz Ewing,  a former member who is often available to sub for others who can’t get to the meeting

“Networking is not just about making new contacts – most important of all, it is re-establishing old contacts and tweaking their memory about your business. I was a member of the BCC group, who now meet at The Village Hotel, Hull on a Thursday morning, and whilst no longer an active member, because of family commitments – I do pop back every now and then acting as a substitute for current members, who have become friends as well as business associates.”

“My business is Style My Venue and whilst it is quite a niche business, networking is important to me – as I just never know who might be talking about me, needing me or who I can offer help and advice to not just in my own business but in other businesses that cross my paths.”

“So, subbing and attending visitor days is very important – you never know who you might bump into.”
If you’re not there and actively participating there are opportunities you may miss. And you get a great breakfast (where a lot of the networking takes place as well!)

Hull Networking Group

Liz Ewing – Style My Venue
Tel: 01430 424115 Mob: 07812 422007
10 Church Street, North Cave, HU15 2LW

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An active BCC group founder member, Steve Elliott runs the group membership program and updates their website. His company ThriftySites specialises in building websites that work, for small and medium sized businesses.

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