This week, Jo shares some copywriting insights, revealing why we can remember some things better than others…

Why do you need copywriters when online users have the ability to plagiarise really good content and access to ever more sophisticated spelling and grammar checkers? What’s more, quite apart from the craft of writing, does anyone read anything properly, or do we just skim and flick past? The honest but imprecise answer is that no one really knows, there’s a mismatch between what users say they do and what search engines say they want. Given this dichotomy, businesses need to cover both approaches to make sure that whatever they do put out is interesting, fresh, relevant, thought-provoking, brand endorsing and above all else, memorable.

And you don’t have to just take the word of a copywriter, there’s proven scientific evidence that links memory recall with the way information is presented.

Basically, the brain loves a good story. The reason why you remember the detail of your favourite film or a book is because your brain locked onto the logical progression of ideas. Every good story has a beginning, a middle, and an ending and when you combine this sequence with imaginative and creative language that paints pictures with words and is loaded with all sorts of emotional triggers, the neurons all over your brain make connections that form a memory of that story. The greater the number of connections, the stronger the memory.

And, before you think that means reams of copy, this is a story: ‘For sale, wedding dress, unworn.’

It pays to build a narrative around your product or service and about you if your personality is an intrinsic part of the business. Like most trades, there’s the DIY option, but again like most trades, to get it actually done and done well, you need to consider using a professional and in this case, it’s a copywriter.

Here’s why

  1. Copywriters save you time, where your time is money.
  2. Copywriters sell you better than you sell yourself in writing (not denouncing other people’s literary skills, it’s just what we do all the time with the marketing skills to back it up).
  3. Copywriters can create and build your brand.
  4. Copywriting is multi-functional and represents real value for money.

In short, copywriters add value and this marketing approach works best for businesses who view marketing as an evolutionary process and who employ a mixture of communications-led marketing strategies such as blogs, content, editorial, print and direct mail.

So, remember this, making your business memorable is largely a matter of using a few choice words. And those words form part of the buying messages our brains respond to minute by minute!

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